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Accuracy of Patient-Reported Passage of Ureteral Stones

Viernes, Julio 10, 2020

Patient-reported stone passage distinguished somewhat, but not perfectly, between those who did or did not have persistent stones on computed tomography.
We generally ask patients with symptomatic ureteral stones to strain their urine to document passage of a stone. But how accurate are patients’ reports of stone passage? To find out, U.S. researchers identified 382 patients who presented with symptomatic ureteral stones <9 mm in diameter (mean, 4 mm) documented by computed tomography (CT). Patients were managed medically (without urologic intervention) and were instructed to return for follow-up CT in 1 month; 237 patients did so. Clinical characteristics of patients who did not return were similar to characteristics of those who did return.



Código de aprobación:PP-MHP-PEB-0018